Your Fragrance Footprint™

The average American is exposed to over thirty different "fragrances" every single day. Whether it be through our cosmetics, personal care or cleaning products, or even clothes, the combination of chemicals and of toxins that we ingest daily is astounding. Consider any product label: each ingredient labelled "fragrance" could contain up to one hundred distinct chemical ingredients, and astoundingly, none of these is required by federal law to be revealed to the consumer.


Over a single year each American's exposure could exceed one half million distinct chemicals. Even more frightening, this exposure affects children as well. Current studies show that the blood of newborns in the U.S. contains on average over one hundred chemicals at birth,  including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides, and Teflon chemicals.

SCENT FREE challenges you to lower your Fragrance Footprint™. We know the idea is overwhelming. Where do you start? Start with the ingredient labels of every product you buy. Pick the ones with the fewest ingredients. Avoid those that contain chemicals you don't recognize, and put right back on the shelf any that contain the secret ingredient "fragrance." You don't need to eliminate all fragrance from your life. Just choose wisely when and where you have "fragrance" added into your products. Consider your dishwashing liquid -- who wants to eat perfume anyway?