Please enjoy watching STINK! the movie with our compliments


"A MIchael Moore-like investigation... what (Whelan) uncovers is more than a bad smell" - THE BOSTON GLOBE

"(STINK!’s) arguments regarding toxic chemical pollutants found in everyday products are lucid and reasonable to the point of being inarguable…setting (it) apart from the formulaic activist-doc pack... (Stink!) carries with it the unassailable whiff of common sense." - VARIETY

"...gripping and maddening..." - LA TIMES

"STINK! reveals the hidden hazardous chemicals lurking in everyday products..." - YAHOO

"That yucky body spray could actually kill somebody" - THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Jon Stewart... would probably approve of STINK!"  - THE NEW YORK TIMES

'Engaging, enlightening, and scary as hell" - WORLEY GIG

"Breezy, Michael Moore-ish environmental documentary by a non-tree-hugging venture capitalist advocates for disclosure of carcinogenic chemicals in everyday products." - FILM JOURNAL

"Reminiscent of a low-key Morgan Spurlock or a more affable Michael Moore" - ART FOR PROGRESS

"(Whelan’s) message is also timely, as calls for fragrance disclosure and more stringent cosmetic regulation seem to gain in volume every year." - THE ROSE SHEET

"STINK! will terrify you" - FAN GIRL NATION

"A movie that stinks . . . the five-star description for ‘STINK!" - EXAMINER

"It’s True: Everything Stinks" - ORGANIC AUTHORITY

"STINK! is enough to get you off your ass and onto the streets in protest." - TRUST MOVIES